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Calling All Photographers!


Rumours are looking for an official photographer for each date of their summer tour with My Forever. If chosen, you will be given free entry to the show, access to the photo pit (where available) and your work will be publicised on the bands social media accounts with links to your profile. 

All you have to do is send a sample of your photography work, your contact detail and which date of the tour you would like to photograph, to


We are Rumours, a new band currently recording our debut E.P. and preparing to tour extensively throughout the summer.

Please check out our teaser video below and come and talk to us on twitter ( and Facebook (


AIR Studios

What an incredible day. I can even begin to describe it. Genuinely my mind hasn’t really began to process it and I’m not sure it ever will be able to process it, it was heartbreaking really.

When I went to university to do study music technology I knew it was a gamble, not only because I knew the jobs were hard to find but I thought that regardless of how much I enjoyed it at A level, I would get bored doing it full time at university. I was so wrong. I loved every second of it and not being able to find a job at the end of the course was one of the hardest things I have been through. Knowing I had tried my best and that I was good at it, but still unable to get a job was horrible. luckily I fell on my feet with my teaching job and I enjoy my work a lot, and I am extremely lucky that my school supported me in wanting to have a music technology a level running. I came to terms with the idea that studio jobs are non existent without knowing someone in a big studio, as they are the only places that can afford to have entry level positions such as runners. Those studios are few and far between too, with only a couple in the country, and typically some of the best studios in the world. They are that far out of reach that even with experience, getting to even step inside would be a dream.

In my head this picture had been painted of studios such as AIR and Abbey Road. Somewhere that even the smallest mistake would get you fire, Iron clad doors on entry and engineers that wouldn’t speak a word all day. I don’t know why I thought like that, it’s just their godly status, knowing any one who loves music or music technology would love to even peek inside. I never even allowed myself to dream of going to one of these studios, it was just written off as ‘never going to happen’.

Then one day, an engineer came to work who usually worked at AIR and Abbey Road. I couldn’t believe it, someone of that prestige, at my work! To make it even better, he was friendly and allowed me to watch him work. He even offered me a day to come and see him up at AIR! His name was Nick Wollage, and I have a lot to thank him for. although the trip never happened, it was just due to poor timings, and nothing that Nick did wrong.

What Nick showed me was that the engineers at these prestigious studios were nice human beings, that can remember starting out and could see the genuine excitement in other people. When he visited, he has a work experience student with him, I didn’t think that existed in Abbey Road! I guess it showed me that although these studios were the best of the best, they weren’t the totally out of reach place I put them as in my mind.

The visit got me buzzing about music technology once again and I can remember following AIR on twitter and and one of their engineers that they retweeted called Jake Jackson. Reading his tweets was amazing, getting these small insights into the professional world.

One day, I tweeted him, kind of out of the blue, saying how much I would love to sit in on a session with him. To my surprise he tweeted back asking for a few details about me. I really didn’t think anything would come of my tweet but here I was now talking via email with Jake about my education and my job. It turned out he wanted some up to date photos taken and he said he would try and find an appropriate session for me to visit.

Much like the situation with Nick, finding a session that is suitable for visitors is a hard thing to do, and time passed and no sessions came up. That was about 6 months ago.

A few weeks back I tweeted Jake again and it seemed like a well timed tweet as he had a session that would suit both of our needs.

So that brings me to today. I spent the day at AIR, and as I said earlier, I can’t really explain any more of the day. I feel sad that its over and that longing for a job in the music industry is back punching me in the chest harder than ever, but I am still so happy that I at least got to step inside the doors. So many other people would die to do that.

What I really want to say is how grateful I am to Jake and the rest of the people involved in today session. Jakes main aim was seriously for me to have a great experience. He could have found 1000 photographers and he took a chance on me, someone that he didn’t know just to help me out. There was really very little incentive for him and he went out of his way to make my day. I really hope I didn’t get in his way and that he might invite someone else in the future. It’s people like Jake and Nick that bridge that gap and remind me that there are amazing people in the world. That combined with the indescribable amount of talent they have, made the day one of the best days I can remember in a long time. It wax great to know that nice guys don’t always finish last and that in times of money being so problematic all around the world, some studios, if only a few that now remain, are able to pay people to work to the highest level, with the best equipment all in the name of art. Watching Jake today was simply watching an artist in his own right. His work combined with the musicians, the composer Maurizio and the orchestrator Jehan Stefan gave me a new found love for music for film and television.

For now, it’s back to my day job. As much as that kills me, I can never look on this day as a negative. I just hope that one day Jake might need some photos doing again, and thinks of me.

yeah.. apparently Alexa is the lucky one for working for me… right… that makes sense!


Seriously incredible shooting with her. 


I was assistant photographer at my first wedding this weekend and here is a quick shot from it. I took this whilst Tom was surprising Georgie with a slide show of photos of them throughout their relationship on the screens in the reception. I had a really nice time, trying to be a photo ninja, and it all pays off when you capture little moments like this. Only 1049 photos left to edit now!

Big thank you to Georgie and Tom for not only having us, but including us in their big day as well. And to Neil for having enough faith to employ me as assistant :) 

The Alternative Vision 2012 Hevy Music Festival video mashup is finally here! Features loads of amazing bands from across the weekend and some of the site and antics from around the site. 

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It took a little longer than i hoped, but i can now show you guys what i have been working on for the past few weeks. Here is my summary video of the 2012 Relentless NASS festival featuring Lower Than Atlantis, The Computers, Don Broco, While She Sleeps and Sum 41.

I hope you like it, and please leave your comments are share it about. 

A written review and pictures can be found on the Alternative Vision website @

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All American Rejects @ Cardiff Motorpoint Arena supporting Blink 182.

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All American Rejects @ Cardiff Motorpoint Arena supporting Blink 182.

Please check out for a review of the gig within the next few days. 

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